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Stem Cell Reserve was founded in 2009 by Raymond Mouzannar, PhD, a Stem Cell Scientist, Epigeneticist and Life Science Entrepreneur. Raymond studied stem cells for decades and his scientific and problem solving mind consistently brought him back to some very basic questions:

  • How can we improve our lives by repairing our tissues damaged by injury, aging or disease?
  • How can we create a stable biotech company capable of constant innovation without economic distress?
  • Why are families not benefitting from privately saving their newborn’s umbilical cord?
  • Why are public patients not receiving the right stem cell treatment?
  • Why 75% of the umbilical cord is wasted or inefficiently processed and preserved by private and public banks?
  • How can we fully benefit from the umbilical cord and how can we extract and preserve all necessary 100% biocompatible stem cells and matrix products for creating new and better tissues?
  • How can we use our technology to equally benefit private families and the public using the same highest standards?
  • How can we improve lives by transforming the use and effectiveness of stem cell therapies across a wide variety of medical specialties?

Stem Cell Reserve has answers to those questions, and we invite you to join us as we revolutionize regenerative medicine by revolutionizing the umbilical cord banking industry. We are poised to provide greater healthcare benefit derived from each newborn’s umbilical cord to extended family members as well as genetically matching public patients at large.

Improving The Status Quo Of Cord Blood Banking

We have been transforming the cord blood banking industry since…2007 actually. Ever since cord blood was the only product collected, concentrated or not, then frozen. This was the practice by private and public banks. “Public banking” means that parents donate their newborn’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for research or therapy. Public cord blood is a licensed since October 2011 to treat a number of relatively rare diseases of the blood. Cord blood requires genetic matching for the stem cells to engraft successfully in a patient. Cord blood is also used in clinical research to improve already approved therapies or create new ones. However, cord tissue is potentially much more useful because it contains the cement (stem cells) and the bricks (collagen scaffolds) necessary to rebuild virtually any tissue. “Private banking” means the expectant parents choose to pay the lab to collect, process and store their newborn’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for as many years as one wishes. Parents choose private banking as a safeguard for their child’s future health. Little do they know that the current lifetime chance of the child using his/her own cord blood is almost zero and current private cord tissue banking methods provide no guaranteed use. In the U.S., private banks are  not required to carry an FDA license. For private banks, accreditation is optional.

This “either/or”  business approach creates different problems for each banking model. Ranging from sub-optimal cord utilization to suboptimal treatment products, operations and innovation potential.

Stem Cell Reserve is revolutionizing the biobanking industry and regenerative medicine with our unique and proprietary hybrid private and public biobanks, our unique and proprietary umbilical cord-derived stem cells and matrix manufacturing methods as well as our unique and proprietary stem cells and biomatrix products. Our laboratory will store both private and public banking products using independent streamlined processes that use exactly the same standards.  Your newborn’s cord products are not only meant to treat disease. Age and injury also damage tissues and solutions for those are still suboptimal. We are not just your best biobank. To develop the best regenerative solutions, SCR will manufacture the best products and the best banks that will create the best raw material for these products. So whether you are a donor or a private customer, know that your newborn’s cord products are in the only hands that will most likely give back to you and your family. We will initially focus our efforts on the Houston Metropolitan Area and expect to grow into every major U.S. city. We have the advantage of capturing local brand awareness through a variety of marketing strategies and grass roots efforts. In addition, we have access to one of the largest medical communities in the world. We will be able to capitalize on the racial diversity of the Houston market, a significant value to transplant registries. Donor availability for all patients of a variety of ethnicities will increase as we grow our diverse, public cord blood, cord blood plasma, cord tissue-derived cells and cord tissue-derived biomatrix banking program.

To learn more, call our office at 713-357-1035.

Groundbreaking Products That Will Revolutionize Regenerative Medicine

We are a biotech company committed to deliver healthcare solutions to the world. We are not just a bank. Improving today’s cord blood banking industry is only Step One.  Stem Cell Reserve will also introduce additional umbilical cord-derived products not offered by other cord blood banks that will ultimately provide entry into over 400 medical applications and increase distribution to multiple sales channels.  This leads to a more sustainable and profitable business model.

We are partnering with You (Mom, Scientist and Physician) to transform Regenerative Medicine. We are poised to replace sub-optimal and incomplete products or invasive procedures and improper treatments with more compatible and comprehensive solutions so we the patients live, age and heal better, faster and cheaper.

Envision receiving stem cell and matrix treatment to heal a knee injury instead of going through adult stem cell treatment alone or knee replacement surgery.  Or, what if reconstructive surgery becomes a thing of the past, replaced by less invasive stem cell infused biomatrix therapy? We are ready to move regenerative medicine from possibilities to realities.

Are you a basic or clinical scientist or a physician? Interested in integrating regulated, transparent and powerful regenerative medicines in your practice? Please call our office at 713-357-1035 for additional information.

Stem Cell Reserve is a resident of the prestigious Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute (TMCx) in Houston, TX.

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